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Henry Bender

Henry Bender was b. April 28, 1905 in Schoharie County, New York and died in Sept. 1978 in Stamford, Delaware County, New York.  He is the son of Frank Bender and Sarah Ferbert. 

Henry Bender was married to Helen Oliver on ?.  She was the daughter of Leonard W. Oliver and Rhoda Mickle. 

The children of Henry and Helen:

  • Harvey H. Bender, b. July 1933

  • Theodore Bender, b.

  • Ruey Bender, b. April 25, 1935

  • Alice Bender, b. May 26, 1933 d. March 11, 2003

  • George "Mickey" Bender, b.

  • Wallace H. Bender, b. Dec. 1939

  • William J. "Butch" Bender, b. September 12, 1945 d. 1965

  • Henry Bender, Jr., b. Nov. 10, 1946 d. Feb. 1, 1999

  • Helen Bender, b. 1949


We find him in the 1905 New York census living with his parents and grandfather.

We find the 1910 Federal Census of his father, Frank, who is a widow and living with his children.  All except Henry and Minnie are living with him.  We have only found 3 records of a Henry Bender in the 1910 Federal Census approximately 4-6 years old. 

  • One he was an ophan living in Pennsylvania Orphan home at 4 years old.  However, this indicates that he and his parents are from Pennyslvania.

  • Second he was the grandson, living in California with a grandfather, Beckman. However, this indicates that he and his parents are from California

  • Third, he is living in Ramsey County, Minnesota as a cousin.  He is 5 years old, living with Christian Broderson.  This states that he is a cousin.  However, here he states that he was born in Minnesota and his parents are from Germany. 

These are the only census records of 1910 that have a Henry Bender listed.  We are unsure what happened in this year.  The fact remains that he WAS NOT living with his father.  In fact, we also find that his mother has died sometime before the 1910 census, and if we look at the 1910 census where his father was listed, we find that his father was married for 16 years and is now widowed.  We are under the conclusion that his mother died sometime in 1909-1910 when Henry was a small toddler and can only assume that he was put in the care and custody of someone else since he was the youngest.  All the other siblings are living with their father, except Henry. 

I have put below the 1910 census records that I could come up with for Henry Bender as indicated above.  Until we can ascertain what had happened, we can only speculate. 

We find him in the 1920 Federal Census at 15 years old living with his grandfather, father and siblings.  He indicates that he was born in New York and both his parents were also born in New York.  He is living with Frank Sr. (Father) who is 45 and a widow.  Siblings are:  Minnie, 13 and John, 9.  He is also living with his grandfather, Ferdinand.  Ferdinand indicates that he is the father of Frank and is 76 years old and a widow. 


1930 we find Henry Bender living with the Coy Family.  Anna Marie Coy is his sister who is now married to Edward C. Coy.  They have 5 children:  Edward, age 10; Francis, age 8; Catherine, age 5; William, age 3 and Henry, age 1.  Henry is a boarder in the Coy family, he is 24 years old, and states he is a coal handler.  States he and his parents were all born in New York. 


Resources for Henry Bender:

  • 1905 New York Census

  • 1910 Federal Census of his Father

  • 1910 Federal Census - Pennsylvania Ophans - Henry Bender

  • 1910 Federal Census of California - Henry Bender grandson

  • 1910 Federal Census in Minn

  • 1920 Federal Census Henry

  • 1930 Federal Census - Henry Bender living with the Coy family

  • 1930

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