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About Maribella Italy

  Tomasina Sperenza and Giovanni Feola both state they came from Maribella Italy, as stated in the 1919 Manifest.  The actual manifest can be found within their pages, click on their name and you will be brought to information about them.

  They came from the shores of Napoli, Italy to come to Boston, Massachusetts in 1919.  Below you will find some interesting information about their Homeland. 

  Here is a map of the location of Maribella  It is located in southern Italy, east of Napoli, where Tomasina got on the ship in 1919.

  The Official Website of Maribella (click for link - in Italian) indicates it is in Southern Italy in the Region of Campania, Province of Avellio.  This site is in italian and if you can read Italian, you will find out a great deal of information about the town.  If you cannot read Italian, there is a great deal of beautiful pictures within this site.

  Its Patron Saint is:  Madonna del Latte.  I found a painting entitled:  Madonna del Latte by Gerolamo Giovenone in 1516.  An oil on canvas located in Trino, Vercelli, Italy. 

  More information for Maribella can be located here




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